The smith of the Dodekatheon.


Hephaestus is a figure of immense strength and endurance who crafts items even the Olympians covet: he is the creator of such incredible things as the chariot of Helios, the girdle of Aphrodite, the armor of Achilles and the bow and arrows of Eros.

He is the patron of all craftsmen and the son of Zeus and Hera, but he is also looked down upon by the other gods for his physical imperfections; he is no beauty to look upon, unlike most of the Dodekatheon, and worse, he is a cripple, considered less than a whole man by the rest of his pantheon.

As the god of intelligence and technology, he is well-equipped to move into the modern day, but as the god of the lame and deformed he is often discounted or treated with derision.


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