Fort Jefferson

Fort Jefferson was formerly a Civil War era fort most famously known to have held Dr. Samuel Mudd who had been jailed for treating John Wilkes-Booth. Later it became the wonderful centerpiece of a lovely state park and protected area. Unbeknownst to history the site was also used by Commander Josiah Atherton for the commencement of his grand plans to step beyond his humanity as a member of the [[::arms-of-the-deep]]. Eventually his heinous acts resulted in his dishonorable discharge, the records of which were buried to protect the Army and Navy from being tainted by the actions of a madman. Unfortunately the records were not buried deep enough. Eventually [[::manny-mackler]] discovered the truth and infiltrated Atherton’s descendant’s political organization in order to resurrect the [[::arms-of-the-deep]] and awaken the Kraken.

When Mackler was defeated by the band of scions drawn to Key West by fate, his death awakened the Kraken. The scions defeated the Kraken, but nearly died doing so. The Krakens death however drew wide scrutiny from both Federal and local government as well as scientists and the curious worldwide. Since then the area has been cordoned off by the U.S. government who have contracted a number of companies in order to study the creature and in hopes of cleaning up the calamitous biological disaster its slowly decomposing cadaver is spreading into the nearby sea.

Recently while Garrett Learnman, Helena Biss, and Dr. Daria Cumberbatch were investigating the government’s plans for the Kraken, the Fort was attacked by Deep Ones. As the battle turned against the government forces activated a catastrophic failsafe that detonated the island and everything nearby.

Ft. jefferson

Fort Jefferson

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