This small blade is deceptively fast and accurate.

weapon (melee)

7 Dot Relic.

Augmented Accuracy, Defense, and Speed. Can also Morph between a Knife and a Kopis. Morphing is a 5 Tick action, and cost 1 Legend.

Augmented Stats:
Knife Form: Acc: +3 / Dmg: 4L / Def: +1 / Spd: 3
Kopis Form: Acc: +3 / Dmg: 6L / Def: +2 / Spd: 3


Lyssa is the name of the Greek spirit of mad rage and frenzy. Which is a fitting description of this 6 inch blade in the deft hands of Brian Dirvish. The blade seems to never dull likely due to the technique used to honed the blade to it peerless edge. The process left the blade with a pattern in the metal that looks nearly like Ivy growing from the hilt of to the tip of the blade. The blade is fastened atop a handle that looks as if it is the remains of a polished and cured vine or root. The knife effortlessly slides into its leather sheathe with a buckle over the hilt. The sheathe is adorned with “Horn of Plenty” on one side and wine barrels on the other. They are both engraved into the two tone brown leather.

After Brian’s ascension to Demigod the Knife also gained the ability to morph into a full size Greek Kopis. All that is needed is Brian to focus his divine will upon the blade and use it’s greater form.


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