A shining Katana marked with the Kanji of the Crescent Moon

weapon (melee)

5-Dot Relic:

Accuracy +3
Damage +6
Defense +1
Speed 4

Summonable by the holder of a small moon charm with a matching Kanji as a speed 5 action at the cost of one Legend.


Kangetsu was created for Sauke Misokazuki by his mentor, the Dai Tengu Sōjōbō. The blade was a gift to the scion upon the completion of his training. The blade is masterfully balanced and the blade was folded hundreds of times more than any mortally forged blade. There are two matching charms built into the pommel of the blade that appear to be small silver crescent moons marked with the Kanji representing the Crescent Moon. When separated the blade can be summoned by the expenditure of a point of Legend as long as the summoner possesses the matching charm.


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