Robin Kleitos

A man in his mid-thirties with a the tan skin and dark curly hair of his Greek ancestry.


Scion of Hermes


Originally contacted by a criminal fixer to steal Lyssa from Brian Dirvish. After escaping with the Brian’s relic he was attacked by a Singer of the Deep and saved by Jean-Jacques Ague. Eventually Robin returned the item, but worried about the consequences. He has since disappeared and was sacrificed at Fort Jefferson by Manny Mackler and the Arms of the Deep. Robin’s death was not the end it was meant to be however.

Upon returning to Fort Jefferson, Garrett Lernman and Helena Biss summoned Robin’s ghost in hopes of gaining his help in infiltrating the high security areas of the now government quarantined Fort. Unfortunately, Kleitos proved to be just as difficult dead as he was when alive, agreeing to help the band only upon promise of his resurrection. When Biss and Learnman admitted that was beyond the scope of their abilities the ghost shrugged and disappeared.

Robin Kleitos

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