Mark Goldstein

An average older man, stubbornly fighting the world of Gods while wishing for simpler times.


2 Dot Guide to Brian Dirvish Scion of Dionysus.

A simple man with a dazzling financial mind. Mark lives with two feet soundly on the ground and his nose in the finances of Brian. Mark is the anchor that keeps Brian from being as extravagant and noncommittal as his heritage pushes him. While Mark has yet to see a God, and still holds some disbelief, he’s realized that his stubborn nature can’t win against Fate.


Mark Goldstein was a talented financial consultant for many companies dealing with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In his mid-50’s, he was happy with how things had turned out for him. Life was good. Life was calm. Life was….predictable. Mark’s mind for number was above what most mortals can relate too. He saw the world as one of equations that always made a predictable progression. 1+1 always equaled two, ALWAYS. The only thing that he couldn’t predict was women, he would have rather had avoided the 4 divorces. The reason for each was the same. Mark was a creature of habit and rarely ventured to experience anything new. He enjoyed walking into any place and the staff just knowing what he would want. Then his predictable world stopped on a dime when he was approached by an arrogant young man named Brian Dirvish.

Brian was relentless in his approach to gain Mark as a consultant for his budding hospitality empire. It was out of Mark’s comfort zone, he enjoyed the global financial markets not some small restaurant chain. Fate had other ideas though. It felt as if anywhere Mark would go Brian would either be there or show up. NYC is huge and how this snotty brat would find him in it at least 3 times a month unnerved Mark. Each time Brian saw Mark he would ask, and each time Make would say no. Mark’s refusals began in a very polite and professional, but after a year of saying no you’re bound to lose your patience. That day was a Wednesday. Every Wednesday for the past 10 plus years Mark would head to his neighborhood deli for what he believed was the best Pastrami on Rye in the NYC. Brian was there again, but now he was closing Mark’s deli to replace it with something no doubt as uppity as Brian. Mark’s predictable life had taken a serious blow. He went after Brian with words and curses the like Mark hadn’t used since his last divorce. Brian apologized and the incident ended with Brian finally agreeing that he wouldn’t ask Mark again.

Mark started to find his way again. Having to find a new Wednesday lunch forced Mark to venture outside of his norms even going so far as to try places in other neighborhoods of NYC. Months past and Mark still hadn’t found his new pattern, but had found many new places within the city that he would have died not knowing about. Which now had an effect on him, he enjoyed the places. Mark was leaving a new discovery of his in the Lower East Side. He had decided to take some friend to the bar and ended up leaving later that he normally would. There seemed to be a lack of cabs in the area, so Mark made his way to the nearest subway station a few blocks away. Mark meandered his way towards the station he pasted two men sitting on the stoops to some apartment buildings. Then the world shook, but it ended up just being his head.

As he looked up from the sideway the two men were assaulting him all the while demanding his money and valuables. Mark tried to give them what they wanted but between trying to cover up to avoid more blows his words were failing him. With his arms around his head balled up in fetal position he just wanted it to end, and it did well at least the punches and kicks stopped. The yelling was still happening; it just wasn’t at him anymore. Mark slowly sat up to see one of the two men that had been beating him being slammed by a third person into the ground so hard that he bounced. The dynamic had shifted dramatically in a second. The second assaulter pulled a knife and plunged it into Mark’s savior as he was still recovering his position from the throw. Mark expected screams, but he heard laughs. Then it was over, with a flash of a movement from his savior. The assailant arm had been cut clean through below his elbow. It was almost as if the assailant’s body was following his arm as the both hit ground. The man just walked over the bodies with a hop to his step towards Mark as he started to lose consciousness.

Mark awoke on a couch in a room he didn’t recognize with noise coming from behind him. He got up slowly looking for his phone to call for help. He was sore all over and still rather dizzy as he tripped over the coffee table. The noise he had heard stopped replaced with footsteps. Now standing in the room with him was Brian Dirvish. Mark couldn’t put it together, he hadn’t seen Brian in at least 3 months, and then he’s there saving his life. A debt was owed, and Mark hated being in the red. He agreed to help Brian with his books and investments. Time passed, and it turned out many of Mark’s new discoveries had something to do with Brian. He either owned them, was a partner, or a consultant.

Fate always had them coming together; it could have been easier if Mark had said yes the first go around. Some people just need a bigger push.

Mark Goldstein

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