Manny Mackler

Short, stocky young man with dark hair, tan skin, and dark eyes.


Scion of Mannanan Mac Lir


Little is known of Councilman Atherton’s ubiquitous assistant. He’s a short man of slightly stocky build with dark hair and tannish skin. His features appear Hispanic or possibly Native American with dark eyes. Manny is regularly in the uniform of his station, well starched buttondown shirt, tan or black slacks, and leather dress shoes.

It later turned out that Manny was behind the reemergence of the titan cult known as the Arms of the Deep. By using his skills in illusion and mental manipulation he had infiltrated all aspects of his employers professional and political life. Using the “New Life” program as a cover he began the conversion of Key West’s homeless population into an army of undead. When he discovered that new Scions had made their way to Key Weat he arranged for one of them, Robin Kleitos, to steal for him the relic knife Lyssa for use in his rituals. Somehow he discovered that the sacrifice of one of of the children of the gods would allow him to begin the transformation of his followers into titan spawned Deep Ones and eventually to awaken the Kraken.

Though Manny had progressed very far in his plans he was eventually thwarted by the band of Scions. Even his death however accomplished his goal of awakening the Kraken, even though he did not live to see its emergence. The scions never discovered why Manny had turned from his divine parent in favor of the worship of the Titans. More vexing perhaps was that there was no indication as to how Manny obtained the details of the titanic rituals, or knowledge of the location of the Kraken.

Manny Mackler

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