Koshchey Bessmertny

An ancient man with leathery skin, long thin white hair, and a faint reek of rot.


Four Dot Guide to Tasha Leningrotsky Scion of Baba Yaga. Koshchey Bessmertny can instruct his charge in all of her Favored Abilities: Animal Ken, Awareness, Craft, Medicine, Occult, Stealth. He has also lived for ages and knows a good many other skills that he can teach. The Deathless can also provide guidance in the development of the following Purviews: Animal, Chaos, Death, Duality, Health, Magic, Psychopomp, and Sky.


Koshchey the Deathless is an ancient, undead lich held together by magic and force of will. A lecherous old man from folklore now tasked by Baba Yaga to help her daughter. Koshchey has a long and complicated history with Baba Yaga, but seeing as Baba Yaga and Koshchey are the two most powerful magic users in the region, it’s to be expected. Both find the others’ presence intolerable, but over the years they’ve both grown to respect the other for their cunning and magical acumen. Why Koshchey has been tasked with mentoring the young Scion Tasha Leningrosky is a mystery. He has not explained it to his pupil, nor has her mother seen fit to visit her and explain the arrangement herself. Koshchey for his part seems resentful, but does not flinch from instructing his ward in the ways of her mother.

In his spare time Koshchey enjoys the objectification and corruption of women. The lecherous lich is not often far away from a source of illicit entertainment. Whether tucking the wealth amassed in his long years into the g-string of an exotic dancer at one of Key West’s strip clubs, or ordering up pay-per-view adult movies through his satellite TV. Koshchey prefers to despoil women of virtue, but he’s found those harder to locate in recent years. Those he has aren’t as easy to ply, as kidnapping is even more frowned upon in modern times than it was when Koshchey the Deathless first employed it. Nevertheless he has managed from time to time with his false charm and magical talents. He always bores of them though, if he succeeds at seducing them. He keeps waiting for their husbands to show up for a showdown, that’s the part he really misses. Beating the piss out of heroes, or outwitting them was always a fine pastime in his younger years.

Koshchey Bessmertny

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