Helena Biss

Raven tressed, corpse white skin, blood red lips and looks to kill.


Helena Byss
Nature: Tempter
Calling: Merchant of Death

Strength-2, Dexterity-3, Stamina-4(Epic-4)
Charisma-5(Epic-4), Manipulation-4(Epic-2), Appearance-5(Epic-3)
Perception-3, Intelligence-5(Epic-1), Wits-4

Academics-3, Athletics-2, Awareness-2, Command-4, Empathy-3, Fortitude-3, Integrity-3, Medicine-3, Occult-3, Politics-2, Presence-3

Willpower-7. Legend-5

Virtues: Courage-3, Endurance-4, Expression-2, Loyalty-1

Dodge DV: 5. Join Battle: 7+1 Auto

Birthrights: Followers-7(30 zombies), Relic-3 (Broach – Health, Death, Summon Zombies at 1 Legend)

Boons: Death Sense, Unquiet Corpse, Heal/Infect, Corpse Oracle, Summon Ghost.

Knacks: Lasting Impression, Inescapable Vision, Visage Great & Terrible, Overt Order, Hard Sell, Tactical Planning, Benefit of the Doubt, Unimpeachable Reference, Borrowed Credibility, Inspirational Figure, Natural Leader, Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion, Unbreakable, Extended Youth


Helena Biss

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