Darya Anatu Cumberbatch

Bea Arthur meets the rigid British tradition of carrying on.....with a cheerful and sometimes brusque personality.


Looks about 29yrs old
Dark Brown super thick wavy hair
Hazel/Yellow eyes
Caucasian/Middle Eastern

Always put together, prim, proper, and ready to work at a moments notice.


Darya Anatu Cumberbatch
Born March 23rd, 1885
Daughter of Felix Ridgewell Cumberbatch and Maliheh Gita Mokri

She grew up in England from the age of five as a direct result of being whisked away during the outbreak of the Iranian Tobacco Riots. Scared for her safety her parents retreated to her fathers family home in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Growing up privileged afforded her a proper education which she seized with every fiber of her being. Excelling in all her studies she headed straight into the medical profession at the tender age of 18 and then on to become a fully fledged doctor/surgeon in only four years time. Knowing she was capable of much more Darya’s continuation of her studies was halted by two events…..the revelation of her real father and shortly thereafter Britain’s declaration of war against the German threat.
While reading in her father’s study one night after her birthday in 1914 a sudden and
intense heat began to issue forth from the fireplace in what can be best described as waves. To her utter amazement a raspy baritone voice soon followed the flicker of the fire and her father revealed his presence but not his form. He thus began to explain what he wanted from her and warned of the impending doom. His grand intention was to throw Darya into the thick of it and support the warriors before the Germans began spreading to my original homeland. Darya accecpted her father’s “strongly recommended” advice with really no other option and headed off to war as a medic on and off the battlefield. Darya officially took control of her abilities after being grazed by a bullet while helping a young wounded solider during an intense gunfight.
Once WW1 had concluded in 1917 Darya decided to retreat back to her family’s home in Gerrards Cross and take up residence with the Queen’s Hospital in 1917 just after it was built. She continued on until 1930 when it was renamed Queen Mary’s Hospital for two reasons. The first was a devastating and yet convenient excuse, the death of my parents on the maiden voyage of the Airship R101. The second reason was due to the “gift” she received from her dear old papa….eternal youth. Not wanting to draw attention to herself she resigned and decided to travel the world until the onset of WW2 which she didn’t need her fathers gentle push to join. Once again she joined the allies and thwarted the German threat once again.
After the second war Darya returned to traveling and healing those she could only to be
interrupted this time by the Vietnam conflict. Britain took a platform of non-involvement so she
decided to move to America and help the yankee troops. Deciding to leave in 1975 she went on to
practice in America thanks to the aid of the Smythe family who has taken up residence in her
family’s ancestral home. Thanks to them keeping her identity a secret has allowed her to heal
thousands of people from all walks of life. Good or bad, everything deserves a chance to live.
That all being said Darya has since decided to head down to the Florida Keys, particularly Key West after hearing about all of the bodies found of the homeless who had gone missing, the maimed of the Fantasy Fest parade, and the appearance of a Kraken at Ft. Jefferson!

Darya Anatu Cumberbatch

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