Brian Dirvish

Rather be lost in his art then the troubles of day to day.


Scion of Dionysus. Owner of Passengers, and establish in the mortal world as a renowned Chef and Bartender. A world he would have preferred to live in die in, he’s now coping with the responsibilities of Divine heritage for the first time in his life. Previous, it was just fun and games. Now it’s sea monsters and zombies.

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Let’s Talk about The Birds and The Bees…

Arthur Dirvish loved his art, which was music. It was final few years of the 1970’s his career got going. By the early 80’s the band which he was a part of had enough notoriety for low level touring in the verging Punk music scene in Europe. The U.S. just didn’t have the Punk scene, so you go where the audience is. Arthur didn’t care about Europe, he was just happy to get paid even though the pay was crap. They lived on the road; surviving in the Volkswagen van they used to get place to place. The 3 month tour took them from the United Kingdom, up to Germany, and ended in Italy with a few stops in between. They would perform for a weekend, party as much as they could afford, then drive to the next venue. They ended their tour in Sicily, Italy.

Three years later Dirvish was headlining the North East Coast Punk music scene. He’d moved away from his past band mates and formed a new group, his group. Arthur made his home in Baltimore, Maryland centrally located for all his normal tour spots. He liked the city, for all its crime it never tried to pretend it was anything else.

It was late at night and Arthur was watching random TV on the couch when there was a knock at his door. Not knowing what to expect he answered it with a bat in hand. It was a woman, with a small boy by her side. He didn’t recognize either of them and started to close the door. The woman put out her hand and easily stopped the closure. She said that she needed to come in and drop off his son Brian. He froze, not knowing what she was talking about. He’d never seen her before and certainly didn’t know the child who couldn’t have been much more than two years old. The scene dissolved from there. Arthur started yelling, and threatening to call the cops. The woman sat down and let the boy start to wander around the living room, and Arthur went to grab her. The woman looked at him unmoving from her position and demanded that he remember.

His mind went back to the end of his first European tour. How the band he was in had 3 days to kill before their flight back to America. How they jumped on a wrong ferry and ended up in the small island country of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea he wasn’t sure. The next ferry back to Sicily wouldn’t leave till the following day. So they did what rockers so, partied. How he awoke to the feeling of someone getting out of the bed. That’s when some more memories came back to him. Somehow the band had conned their way onto the stage at one of the clubs they had ended up at. The band was deep into their first set when he saw her. Right in the center of the crowd dancing as if she was the only person in the room, without a care in the world. She existed in the moment, and that captured him. Some drinks, some drugs, some talk about the music, and everything was set. Leave Europe with a bang, a random night with a wild girl in a foreign land.

He was flooded with memories of the night; it was as if he could remember everything. What he drank, the set list, and wild girl who was now sitting in his living room, Cloe. She seemed unchanged by time. Arthur sat down and tried to absorb it all. She made it clear that she was leaving, and the boy was staying with Arthur. It was now his turn to take care of him, because she had already sacrificed enough to have him the past two years. With that, she walked out to door leaving Arthur to meet his son Brian.

Twenty Years later….

Brian Dirvish

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