Guide to Robin Kleitos


An unparalleled thief and trickster, with a silver tongue.

Sorry, through all my google searches, no one thought it was worth it to draw him. Thus, a picture of Bruce Campbell playing Autolycus in Hercules.


Autolycus was the son of Hermes and Chione. He was the ancient prince of thieves who taught wrestling to Hercules. Autolycus could make himself and his goods invisible and kept trying to steal the cattle of Sisyphus by disguising them magically. However Sisyphus marked the hooves of his cattle, so he could retrieve them. It is thought that on one of Sisyphus’ rescue missions Sisyphus stopped for a tryst with Anticleia, the daughter of his chief cattle thief Autolycus. This would make Sisyphus the true father of Odysseus.


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