Arthur O'Connor

Keep your distance bub or I'll rearrange that pretty face or yours!


A straight Captain Jack Harkness meets Mad Eye Moody! I will watch you screw up and then I’ll beat ya for it


Son of Geoffery O’Connor and Eloise O’Connor
1st Generation American of Irish immigrants.
Enlisted in the Marines immediately after H.S. The trigger occured during a family vacation to Ireland to visit my extended family. After getting into a street brawl with some hooligans trying to beat up a homeless man my real father appeared to me. Pleased with my bravery and willingness to protect those who can’t protect themselvs he then charged me to become a protector of the meek….hence the marines.
Excelling in hand to hand combat I soared through my military carreer and upon leaving I took up freelance security/bodyguard work thanks to the boons granted to me by Nuada. The only piece of property I own is my parents house in (insert city/state here) which is a modest piece of property they bought after they retired. I barely stay there so it gets rented out most of the time as a halfway house to those in need. With the security/bodyguard gig I am usually put up by my employers but not for lack of funds. I’m good at what I do….real good. :P

Arthur O'Connor

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