Arms of the Deep

Deep blue hooded robed men.


The band first encountered the Arms of the Deep at Fort Jefferson. The cult was sacrificing a man bound to a stone slab in the fort’s old cistern. One of the cultists was killed but the remaining 11 members and their leader survived. Their leader showed abilities on par with a Scion, but his face was obscured.

It later turned out that the man sacrificed was Content Not Found: robim-kleitos_and the leader of the cult was Manny Mackler. The surviving cultists were later transformed by the divine ichor inherent in Kleitos’ blood and transformed into _Content Not Found: deep-ones. Several of these transformed cultists may have survived the awakening of the Kraken and were later spotted by the scions during the raid on Fort Jefferson that resulted in its ultimate destruction.

While all adult specimens are now known to be destroyed, before that could occur at least one female Deep One laid an egg sack which was never recovered. It was later found out that there were at least 20 eggs in the sack, and that they all have hatched to fair in the wilds of the seas….

Arms of the Deep

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