The Keys to Heaven

As Fate Would Have It

As Fate Would Have It.

Key West often draws its fair share of exotic visitors, but none so exotic as the children of Gods. Brian Dirvish, son of Dionysus was drawn to Key West to share his epicurean delights with the residents of the bone Island. Lilah Loftur is a junior partner at Loftur, Carrefour, and Krtanta and has already proven herself to be a crafty counselor. Tasha Leningrosky was an orphan from the Steppes of Russia who never knew her parents. Raised by the State, she only recently found a link to her mother when she was remanded from State custody to that of her long-lost Uncle who lives in America. Robin Kleitos the son of Hermes and a peerless thief. He came to the Keys to redistribute the wealth to those he believes would be more deserving. Unfortunately when one of his beneficiaries got caught and fingered him as the thief, things became a little more complicated.

Fate brought them together at the soft opening of Dirvish’s new bar, Passengers. Unfortunately a thief was at work that night. Someone set smoke bombs and noisemakers to distract the crowds while a demijohn that came with the building disappears from Passengers’ private bar, Stowaway. Once things had settled down a bit by the clever and charismatic work of Tasha and Lilah. Double checking the premises Dirvish is greeted by an unexpected guest, Odin the Allfather. The chief of the Aesir requests the aid of each of the four Scions present. Over mead he tells them of a sleeping Kraken long ago bound near the island chain. The Kraken is a spawn of the Titans and if it is awakened, the ramifications would be dire. A cult has sunk its roots into the Keys with the aim of awakening the beast. The Allfather tasks the Scions with rooting out the cult, and finding the location of the sleeping titanspawn.

With some hesitation, the party agrees. The newly formed circle split up to pursue their own agendas. Kleitos returns home and readies his boat to track down property stolen from Passengers that very evening. Lilah Loftur attempts to follow Dirvish and Leningrosky to the mainland, but loses them when Leningrosky’s Soviet era clunker takes off into the night sky. Bryan’s got contacts in low places and while he and Tasha fly to South Beach for a little lesson on forensics, Loftur returns home to find her mysterious divine father waiting for her. When Robin finally finds what he’s looking for, some bad luck and rough seas put him in the path of an aquatic nightmare bent on mayhem. Only the heroes may decide their Fates now that the dice have been cast.


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